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Hi, I'm Sammy!

Pronouns: they/he/she

I’m a fat, queer, autistic, disabled BIPOC actor from Queens Village, New York. Uplifting voices like mine, that always have and are continuing to be oppressed is the most important thing in the world to me. I know how inspiring and validating it is to finally see people that look like me on the stage and TV, and I know that people really do love and care about the stories we share. My mission in being a storyteller is to offer that exact same feeling to others, while bringing about social change at the same time.

Mental health and accessibility are incredibly important to me. I believe that through art and storytelling, we can do so much more than bring light to people's lives. We can all be better advocates. 

I know that the world is a really hard place to live in right now, so if I can make you laugh and forget about the difficulties of life for even just a moment or two, that would be my greatest joy.


Daydreaming is just about my favorite activity. When I'm not playing pretend on stage, I do it pretty much everywhere else.


I love playing around with fashion and make up. I spend hours watching video game play throughs and Studio Ghibli movies. When I'm feeling more hands on, I'm building characters in the Sims 4, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and writing poetry in my notes app.



Oh. And staring at my two cats Finley and Dinah like they literally put the sun in the sky. 


Can you tell I spend a lot of time in fantasy land?

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